It is the intent of the Board of Education to establish a program of evaluation of the performance of certificated management personnel.

The purpose of such an evaluation program shall be to ensure the continual improvement of professional services for our students. It shall also be the purpose of the system to identify and reinforce outstanding professional competencies by promotional opportunities and through a merit salary structure.

The program of evaluation shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited in content to, the following elements:

  1. Organizational planning
  2. Organizational structure/Administrative support
  3. Personnel management
  4. Leadership/Team development
  5. Program assessment/Curriculum development
  6. Community relations
  7. Product
  8. Innovation

Evaluation and assessment of the performance of each evaluatee shall be made on a continuing basis. Evaluations shall include written recommendations, if necessary, regarding the areas of improvement in the performance of the employee. The evaluator thereafter shall confer with the evaluatee, make specific recommendations as to what improvement is needed in the employee's performance, and assist the evaluatee in such improvement.

The annual written evaluation shall include a summary of priorities, objectives attempted, recommendations made, and the degree of attainment by the evaluatee. An evaluation conference shall be held between each management employee and his/her evaluator no later than the first week of June of each school year. Each evaluatee shall have the right to initiate a written response to the evaluation. The evaluation and the response shall become a permanent attachment to the employee's personnel file.

In the development of policy and procedures related to the program of evaluation, the Board of Education and the administration shall avail themselves of the advice of the certificated management personnel employed by the district.


Legal Reference:

Education Code

Sections 44660-44664




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