The Board of Education establishes a class of positions in which the employee is designated a supervisor. The supervisor's role will emphasize professional and technical competence in a particular specialized field.

The superintendent will be responsible for recommending the activation or deletion of each supervisor position by the governing board, and for determining that a statement of qualifications and a job description for each approved position is developed and maintained.

Specific titles in this class of position are listed in the policy on designated management positions (2421.1).

Specific responsibilities for each position in this class are detailed in the appropriate exhibit.



Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 35035






Cross Reference:

Board Policy

Section 2412.1

Designated management positions


Board Policy Exhibit

Section 2123.1-E

Supervisor of Accounting/Budget



Section 2123.2-E

Supervisor of Computer Operations



Section 2123.3-E

Supervisor of Operations



Section 2123.4-E

Supervisor of Food Services



Section 2123.5-E

Supervisor of Music



Section 2123.6-E

Supervisor of Maintenance



Section 2123.7-E

Supervisor of Psychological Services



Section 2123.8-E

Supervisor of Purchasing/Stores



Section 2123.10-E

Supervisor of Pupil Transportation



Section 2123.11-E

Supervisor of Vehicle Maintenance



Section 2123.12-E

Supervisor of Warehouse



Policy adopted: