It is the intent of the governing board to certify that personnel assigned to evaluate teachers have demonstrated competency in instructional methodologies and evaluation of instruction. The superintendent shall determine a program leading to certification and shall recommend to the board qualified evaluators. On recommendation of the superintendent and review of the approved criteria, the governing board shall certify the competence of personnel recommended by the superintendent as having met that criteria. Performance standards established as a result of this policy shall be communicated to all affected individuals.

The governing board charges the superintendent with the responsibility to certify annually that management personnel assigned to evaluate the instructional staff meets the following criteria:

  1. Possession of a valid administrative credential
  2. Knowledge of evaluative techniques and procedures
  3. Competency in instructional methodology
  4. Participation in an ongoing program of staff development which includes inservice activities with emphasis on evaluation, supervision and instruction

Proper assessment by personnel assigned to evaluate teachers requires a demonstrated competence by management staff in instructional methodologies and evaluation. Job responsibilities of management personnel assigned to evaluate certificated personnel will follow procedures as outlined in the district's administrative regulations.

Professional staff members covered by the terms of the Master Certificated Employment Agreement shall be evaluated according to its provisions.

Publishers' norms established by standardized tests may not be considered in the evaluation. (Education Code Section 44662 (a-e)).



Legal Reference:

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Requirement of district policies for competency of personnel assigned to evaluate



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Cross Reference:

Board Policy

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Evaluation of Teachers and Specialists











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