The management team of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is established for the purpose of implementing the management function of the district by bringing to bear effective research on district programs, pooling of technical knowledge in the improvement of district services, establishing a more coordinated program relating to evaluation of district operations and personnel, improving of communications among all district personnel, increasing the commitment of district personnel to district service, and providing an enhanced refinement and delineation of district policies and procedures.

The following criterion has been used in the screening process of designating management personnel: A management employee means "any employee in a position having significant responsibilities for formulating district policy or administering of district programs."

The management team of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is established under this policy in compliance with the regulations of S.B. 160 (Rodda Bill).

The management team shall include certificated management, classified management, classified supervisory and classified confidential employees as listed elsewhere in this policy. (See attachment.)

The superintendent, in conjunction with the designated management personnel, shall establish the following management team committees:

  1. The district management budget committee
  2. The district management curriculum committee
  3. The district management personnel committee
  4. The district management committee on salaries and other conditions of employment of management, supervisory, and confidential personnel

The management team committees shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. To make policy recommendations to the superintendent and Board of Education in the assigned areas of committee responsibility.
  2. To develop for superintendent approval and board review administrative regulations and procedures implementing policy positions adopted by the board
  3. To involve other staff members possessing competency in the area under consideration in the development of district policies and procedures
  4. To interpret and disseminate district policies and programs to other district personnel, students and citizens
  5. To be the board's representative in the administration of district programs
  6. To evaluate proposals made by other employees in negotiations with the board's designated representative and to recommend to the superintendent and board the district's response to such proposals
  7. To serve as support personnel to the district's negotiator



Policy adopted: