The Board of Education will provide instructional materials to facilitate the delivery of the district curriculum to students by the instructional staff. The selection of such materials shall meet any requirements and standards which may be established by the State of California and additional criteria established by the district. Instructional materials selected for the use in the district shall adhere to the highest possible standards and goals consistent with sound educational practices and community expectations.

Basic and supplementary materials which are or may be uniformly issued to students and which are the primary resources of instruction shall be adopted by the Board of Education. This includes the literary works placed on the Core and Extended Literature lists, K-12. Procedures for selection of materials recommended for adoption shall involve management/supervisory personnel, teachers, specialists, and parents. Materials recommended for adoption shall be placed on public display for 30 days prior to Board action. Due to the volume of novels on the K-12 Extended Literature List, only novels on the Core Literature list will be placed on the 30-day display.

Enrichment materials, reference materials, and materials used through individual student selection may be provided and utilized to facilitate instruction. Such materials include but are not limited to library books, reference/research materials, audio-visual materials, charts, maps, globes, models, specimens, and technology software. These materials will be selected and acquired through procedures established by the district and do not require Board adoption.

In the adoption and/or selection of instructional materials, the following factors shall be considered: 1) support of the approved curriculum and content of the courses of study, 2) accuracy of content, 3) absence of bias and fairness of presentation, 4) age/grade/subject appropriateness, 5) motivational and physical characteristics of the materials, 6) demographic and cultural characteristics and needs of district students, 7) useability by instructional staff, 8) the fiscal resources of the district, 9) that all language, both written and spoken, be of the highest quality and reflect community and district standards, and 10) promotes good citizenship and American ideals. The Superintendent shall establish administrative regulations to implement this policy.



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60002 et seq




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