The Board of Education recognizes the need to prepare our students to succeed in a technological world and the advantages technology brings to the field of education. In accordance with this philosophy, instructively sound, effective computer-based equipment and materials may be used as tools to supplement, enhance, and extend instruction. It is also the board's intent to use the computer as a means to carry out effective, efficient administrative operations.

Computer use in the schools will be consistent with the overall instructional goals and objectives of the district and shall be based on cost effectiveness, reliability, flexibility, and the appropriateness of hardware and software for instructional purposes. Classroom computer equipment will meet districtwide criteria and specifications to assure consistency and standardization as needed for specified teaching purposes.

In addition, student enrollment, curriculum improvements, and changes in technology shall be ongoing considerations in planning computer use.



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Section 3524

Use and Selection of Computer Equipment



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Goals of the Instructional Program



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Instructional Materials



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