Bylaws of the Board





Any person is legally qualified to be a member of the Board of Education of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District who is (a) eighteen years of age or older, (b) a resident of the State of California, (c) a resident of the district, (d) a registered voter, and (e) not disqualified from holding civil office by the Constitution or laws of the State of California.

In it would be desirable that board members meet the following qualifications:

  1. They should have personal integrity, intelligence, and appreciation of the value of good education.
  2. They should be successful citizens who are willing and capable of assuming responsibility.
  3. They should have the ability to work with others, should have the courage of their convictions, should be prepared to always vote their beliefs, and should be champions of the public schools.
  4. They should be prepared and willing to devote a sufficiently large amount of time to the study of the problems of education in their own district, as well as the state and nation at large, so as to be able to interpret them to the district electorate.
  5. They must be willing and able to make sacrifices of their time, knowledge, and personal pleasure for the benefit of the district.


Members of the board should endeavor to attend all meetings, discuss items presented on the agenda, suggest other items for consideration, and vote upon motions and resolutions presented.



Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 35107




Bylaw adopted: