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The Board of Education is responsible for the management and control of the district's schools. The board's prime instruments for such management and control are board policies and its chief executive officer, the Superintendent of Schools. The board's ultimate goal is the development, maintenance, and upgrading of the educational standards and facilities so that the best possible education will be available to the children of the community. The board shall establish and review board goals and objectives annually.

The local school district has been created as a unit of state government. While the board is responsible to the local community, it is also responsible to state government as well. The board may take a public position on legislation which will directly affect the educational program within the community.

Members of the board individually will refer compliments, suggestions, and constructive criticism about operational matters directly to the superintendent for appropriate consideration and action.

Board members have no authority over school affairs as individuals. They have authority only when acting as a body duly called into session, except as specifically authorized or requested in a representative capacity by the board as a whole in a duly called meeting.


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