Community Relations  





The Board of Education of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District recognizes the significant contributions and involvement of members of the community throughout the school system.  Therefore, all representative opinions will be actively sought, heard, and considered in the decision-making process.  The community will be encouraged to take an active part in school affairs and may be invited to provide advice individually and in groups as follows:

1.      In clarifying the general ideas and attitudes held by residents regarding schools.

2.      In recommending educational goals, the purposes of courses of study, and special instructional programs and services to be provided for students.

3.      In giving active assistance to the certificated staff in the actual operation of classes and services where the staff deems such aid valuable.

4.      In recommending solutions to specific problems or set of closely-related problems about which the governing board must make a decision.

The governing board and the staff will give substantial weight to the advice which they receive from individuals and community groups interested in the schools, especially those advisory groups which they have invited or created to advise them regarding selected issues. The governing board and staff will then use their best judgment in arriving at decisions.


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