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The Board of Education believes that involvement of those directly affected is essential to the creation of effective policies and programs. The board also recognizes that the expertise, experience and opinions existing among the residents, students and employees of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District are vital resources available to the school district. Therefore, as the need arises, the Board of Education may appoint committees.

The sole power to create advisory committees and to appoint members to these committees rests with the Board of Education. The board reserves the right to discontinue an advisory committee and to augment, reduce, or otherwise revise its membership. Committees shall be dissolved automatically one year from the date of their creation or upon completion of their task as defined by the board, whichever is first. Some committees may be reconstituted from year to year because of the continuing nature of their activity.

All advisory committees shall be considered ad hoc committees whose central purpose is to advise and report on specific topics defined in the written charge to the committees by the board.

A majority of the voting membership of any advisory committee shall be parents and community members not employed by the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. The total membership of the committee should include persons who reflect the ethnic and socio-economic composition of the district. A list of individuals who have expressed an interest in serving on advisory committees shall be maintained by the superintendent. Whenever geographic representation or other special interests are important to the selection of committee memberships, the superintendent shall actively recruit citizens with these interests.

The superintendent shall recommend a budget to the board for the support of committee activities, including allotted staff time. All funds expended for committee activities shall be under control and responsibility of the superintendent or a designated staff member and all expenditures shall be approved in advance according to district fiscal procedures and state law.

All board-appointed advisory committees shall comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act governing the meetings of public agencies. Violation of this Act is considered to be a misdemeanor under California law.


Legal Reference:

Government Code

Section 1004


Education Code

Sections 54950-54961


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