Community Relations  





The Board of Education believes that the advice of persons directly affected is essential to the development and assessment of sound educational programs at each school. Interested individuals from each school site and attendance area should be encouraged to serve in an advisory capacity to identify, discuss, and interpret educational needs at their own school.

Accordingly, the board promotes the concept of individual school site councils with participation of staff employed at the school, students attending the school, and parents and community members who reside in the school attendance area.

Such school site councils shall be established at each school site to:

1.      Assess educational needs

2.      Recommend school goals

3.      Discuss issues affecting students in the school

4.      Communicate with the school community

5.      Participate in the development and recommendations concerning the school improvement plan

6.      Assist the principal periodically in reviewing the implementation of the school improvement program and assessing periodically the effectiveness of the program

7.      Annually review the school improvement plan, and if necessary, recommend modifications to reflect changing needs and priorities

8.      Review the school improvement plan budget (categorical funds) and recommend a new school improvement budget consistent with the Education Code and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District policies and procedures

9.      Establish bylaws which provide for parliamentary procedures, term of office, and method of selection and replacement of council members. The bylaws shall include at least those sections covered in the district's framework provided to each council. Bylaws shall be approved by the superintendent.

Each school site council is a vital and important resource to the school, its and staff, and is entrusted with the responsibilities listed. The principal, within the framework of the district organizational structure, remains responsible for the educational programs at the school, for decisions necessary for administration and supervision of the school, and shall have sole authority to enforce and administer educational policy, plans or programs.

The Board of Education recognizes that a program option for consolidated programs exists in school-based coordinated programs. The superintendent and staff shall provide information and technical assistance to principals and school site councils regarding school-based programs. Schools, in accordance with legal requirements, may apply to the Board of Education for the establishment of school-based programs.

The superintendent and members of the management team are responsible for assuring that the School Site Council functions according to its bylaws.



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