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Concerns/complaints concerning school employees should initially be referred to the individual with whom the complainant has a concern. If the concern cannot be resolved at this level, it is the policy of the Board of Education that it be referred to the appropriate administrative officer, the principal of the school, principal's supervisor, assistant superintendents or the superintendent of schools.

It is the intent of the Board of Education that the concerns/complaints should be resolved administratively at the level closest to the referenced district employee.

In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved administratively, the complainant will be advised of the formal complaint procedure.

The Board of Education recognizes that occasionally complaints concerning district personnel may involve serious charges. In such cases, the formal procedure requires that charges against school district personnel must be submitted in writing to the appropriate administrative officer, and must conform to the administrative procedures of the district.

Concerns/complaints will be reviewed by the board after the appropriate administrative process has been completed. At no time may personnel complaints be heard in public session.


Legal Reference:

Title V

Sections 3950, 3951



Education Code

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Insulting teachers/misdeamors







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