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The Board of Education has provided policy and administrative regulations to ensure that careful and thorough processes precede the adoption and/or acquisition of instructional materials. In implementing such policies and in providing such materials, the Board of Education is aware of its responsibilities in relationship to First Amendment constitutional issues, the adopted curriculum, and the morals, values and needs of a diverse district constituency. Diversity of opinion is inherent in a free society. In spite of this diversity, the Board of Education and its staff must reach and implement consensus of judgment in order to provide for the educational needs of students.


It is the policy of the Board of Education that persons having complaints about approved instructional materials or materials recommended for approval seek resolution through informal procedures with the administrator responsible for the program which is using the material. In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved through the informal process, the complainant will be advised of the formal complaint procedure. The complainant will be provided with a copy of this policy, the supporting administrative regulations, and any necessary form(s).


Formal complaints regarding instructional materials must be submitted in writing. A review and disposition will be made in accordance with the administrative regulations which implement this policy.


However, a complaint related to the use or prohibited use of any existing textbook, instructional material, supplemental instructional material, or other curriculum for classroom instruction, or any book or other resource in a school library that alleges unlawful discrimination based on a violation of Education Code 243 shall be filed, investigated, and resolved in accordance with Board Policy 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures.

When deliberating upon challenged materials, the Superintendent, or any designee or committee established by the Superintendent to review the materials, shall consider the degree to which the materials aligned with the criteria for instructional materials as specified in law, Board policy, and administrative regulation. In addition, such deliberations may consider the educational philosophy and vision of the district; the educational suitability of the materials including the manner in which the materials support the curriculum and appropriateness for the student's age; the professional opinions of teachers of the subject and of other competent authorities and/or experts; reviews of the materials by reputable bodies; the stated objectives in using the materials; community standards; the allegations in  the complaint, including the extent to which the objections are based on the dislike of ideas contained in the materials; and the impact that keeping or removing the materials would have on student wellbeing.

The Superintendent, or any designee or committee established by the Superintendent to review the materials, shall not prohibit the continued use of an appropriately adopted textbook, instructional material, supplemental instructional material, or other curriculum for classroom instruction, or any book or other resource in a school library on the basis that it contains inclusive and/or diverse perspectives, as specified in Education Code 243.


If the complainant finds the Superintendent's or review committee's decision unsatisfactory, the complainant may appeal the decision to the Board.

Any challenged instructional material that is reviewed by the district shall not be subject to further reconsideration for 12 months, unless required by law.

Complaints related to the sufficiency of textbooks or instructional materials shall be resolved as specified in Administrative Regulation 1312.4 - Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures. 


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