Community Relations





The Board of Education recognizes that there may be legitimate needs for the use of the district's distribution capabilities by community groups in order to distribute information flyers to students for purposes other than the conduct of the educational program. However, such distribution must not interfere with the educational program and must not take undue advantage of the fact that students are available for such distribution as the result of compulsory attendance laws. All non-school related distribution of flyers must be in compliance with all laws of the State of California and all policies and regulations of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. The district makes no guarantees regarding the final disposition of such flyers.

In general, such use shall be for the recreational, educational, scientific, literary, economic, artistic, civic or moral interests of the youth and/or families of the school community. Also, such use must be nonprofit, nonpartisan, secular, and non-discriminatory in nature. No distribution shall be made which may promote any commercial or profit-making organization, activity or product. All non-school flyers must contain clear statements of non-school sponsorship and of not being prepared at school expense.

Any student may refuse to accept non-school sponsored materials.

Administrative regulation shall be prepared to facilitate the implementation of this policy. Conditions stipulated relating to such distributions are at the discretion of the Superintendent and staff.


Legal Reference:  

Education Code

Sections 51511 & 51520


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Board Policy

Section 1324  








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