Community Relations





It is the conclusion of the governing board that public and employee participation in district programs and activities would from time to time be enhanced by serving refreshments. Moreover, the service of refreshments allows for members of the public and district employees to intermingle and exchange ideas and which would be to the benefit of the district.

Therefore, the Board of Education hereby authorizes the superintendent or designee to serve refreshments at the following meetings or events, as he deems appropriate:

1.      Functions for volunteers and retiring employees

2.      Activities honoring individuals in education

3.      Public Schools Week activities

4.      Educational events sponsored by the district

5.      Seminars and workshops sponsored by the district

6.      Board-appointed committee meetings

7.      Group planning and operational meetings

8.      Other activities designated by the governing board

The cost and reimbursement of refreshments served at district-approved functions is an authorized expenditure of district funds, and shall be conservative in nature. In the event of reimbursement, expenditures shall be supported by adequate receipts and documentation showing the amount, vendor, and time and place of the function for which the refreshments were procured. Purchase and reimbursement of refreshments shall meet all established district policies, practices and procedures relating to expenditure of district funds.



Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 35160




Section 70902(c)




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