Business & Non-Instructional Operations

3542.4 BP





The Governing Board of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District authorizes the Superintendent or designee to approve the sale of beverages through the use of vending machines or fountain pouring outside the District's Food Services program.


These sales must be conducted in accordance with the following:


  • Beverage sales are permitted if all of the following occur:


    • the funds directly benefit the students attending the school,
    • the sale has been approved in accordance with Board policy by the Superintendent or designee,
    • the sale does not reduce student participation in the District Food Services program, and
    • the beverages meet nutrition standards and other requirements specified in law, Board Policy, and Administrative Regulations.


  • Carbonated beverages may not be sold until 30 minutes after the end of the school day.


  • The Superintendent or designee shall determine where vending and pouring machines may be placed at school sites, district offices, and other school facilities.


  • The nutrition and time restrictions of this policy shall apply only to student accessible vending equipment.


  • All contracts for the sale of beverages will meet the requirements of the California Education Code.


Legal references: Ed Code 35182.5





Policy adopted: 9/13/05