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The Board of Education recognizes that the operation of the school lunch program becomes a service to parents. The board does not intend to take over the responsibility that legally and traditionally belongs to parents and the home. The policy of the board, therefore, is to operate the lunch room as a necessary convenience and auxiliary service to the educational program. Inasmuch as the lunch room is operated by the schools, administrators are encouraged to administer the school lunch program in such a manner as to derive the maximum educational value from it.


Cafeterias are authorized as a non-profit service to pupils, but no pupil may be compelled to use the cafeteria. The cafeteria program will give major emphasis to serving a complete and well-balanced lunch to pupils and the district shall cooperate with the Federal School Lunch Program when this serves the best interest and welfare of the children.

Lunch Areas

It shall be the policy of the board to provide school lunch areas. The lunch areas shall be comfortable and convenient for eating lunches brought from home.

Lunch Period

The pupils' lunch period shall not be less than thirty minutes in length and shall be under the supervision of at least one noon lunch and playground supervisor.

Leaving School Grounds

Beginning with the 7th grade and through 11th grade, it shall be the policy of the district to operate a closed campus.


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Persons entitled to purchase food, non-school use of cafeterias



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