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The Governing Board recognizes the importance of securing district documents. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that district records are developed, maintained, and disposed of in accordance with law, board policy, and administrative regulation.

Records retention and disposition in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District shall function within the guidelines prescribed in the California Administrative Code, Title V, and the Education Code.

All district records, including business records, student records, and personnel records, shall be classified according to the type of record, legal requirements, and the practical district need. The District shall classify all records as follows:


  1. Class 1:           Legally required, permanent


  1. Class 2:           District option, permanent


  1. Class 3:           Disposable


4.      Class 4:          Those records which are not considered "records" by the California Administrative Code, Title V, or the Education Code


The Superintendent or designee shall ensure the confidentiality of records as required by law and shall establish regulations to safeguard data against damage, loss, or theft. Administrative regulations shall be established to provide for the following:


  1. The preservation of records having long-term or permanent worth, as determined by the assigned classification, and including maintenance of designated Class 1 and Class 2 records on microfilm or in the permanent electronic database.


  1. The systematic retirement and transfer of District records from departments to more economical storage facilities when those records are no longer required for the conduct of daily business.


  1. The prompt and orderly destruction, by prescribed procedures, of Class 3 and Class 4 records, when they are no longer required to be retained.


  1. The retrieval and processing of inactive records as requested by authorized persons.


Legal Reference:

Title V

Sections 430-441, 451




Sections 16020-16030


Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 1034




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Government Code

Sections 6200-6201




Policy adopted:


Policy revised:             12/14/10