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It is the intent of the Board of Education to assure that district schools are provided the necessary equipment which supports and enhances the educational program for all pupils.

The replacement plan shall be based upon life expectancy and replacement cost of equipment. The annual physical inventory is the initial point for establishing a replacement plan. The inventory is updated as new equipment is procured and processed through the warehouse. The Inventory Listing is the basis for all future decisions regarding replacement.

Other criteria to be considered in equipment replacement are:

1.      Obsolescence of equipment

2.      High usage of equipment causing premature wearout

New, additional equipment (not replacement) required for the school sites must be justified by the school principal. Justifications and modifications to the standard equipment list may be based on the following:

1.      Technology Upgrades

2.      Changing Job Requirements

3.      Cost Reductions

Equipment received as gifts to the district, either new or used, will not be replaced as standard equipment when worn out. Only new equipment gifts will be maintained.


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