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The Board of Education expects that all certificated employees exhibit professional and appropriate conduct and serve as positive role models. Unacceptable conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with law, collective bargaining agreements, Board policy, and administrative regulation.



Permanent Employees


Permanent employees shall not be dismissed from their position except when cause for dismissal can be shown. Causes and procedures for dismissal are defined by provisions of Education Code Sections 44932 et. seq.



Probationary Employees


During the school year certificated probationary employees may be dismissed for causes specified in Education Code Section 44932 or for unsatisfactory performance determined pursuant to Education Code Sections 44660-44665.


The time limits for initiating such an action and other procedures to be followed are set forth in Education Code Section 44948.3.


At the end of the school year, the Governing Board may decide not to rehire probationary employees without a statement of reasons, giving notice in accordance with Education Code 44929.21. In the case of second year probationary employees, written notice of termination must be given to the employee on or before March 15 of their second year.



Non Performance of Duties


Whenever an employee refuses to perform assigned work without an acceptable reason, the Superintendent or designee shall deduct from his/her wages an amount reasonably related to the time not worked.



Legal References: Education Code Sections 44660


Section 44929.21

Sections 44932 44948.3




Section 44929.21


Section 45055


Policy adopted: 02/19/68

Policy revised: 07/13/2010