Lists of substitute teachers K-8, 7-12, and K-12, as authorized by Education Code and approved by the Board of Education, will be maintained by the Personnel Division.

The teacher selected from the board-approved substitute list must have the appropriate credential and/or proper certification for the assignment. The teacher should also have, whenever possible, the training and experience at the grade level or in the subject discipline of the teacher who is absent.

The service day for full day substitute teachers shall be the same as for the absent regular teacher. The teacher substituting for a regular employee shall serve full or partial day and shall be paid the salary rate approved by the Board of Education.

A substitute teacher serving ten (10) consecutive teaching days in the same position becomes a long-term substitute on the eleventh (11th) day and shall be paid at the prevailing rate for long-term substitute teachers, retroactive to the first day of the long-term assignment.


Legal Reference:

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Emergency Credentials



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Emergency Teaching and Service Credentials for Other Than 30 Day Substitute Service



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Emergency Credential for 30 Day Substitute Teaching Service



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Policy revised: