Unauthorized leave is defined as unauthorized personal absence of any employee which results in nonperformance of those duties and responsibilities designated/assigned by the district and its representatives including all duties and responsibilities as defined by the Education Code, rules and regulations of the State Board of Education and policies and regulations of the Board of Education of Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District during a normal service day which shall be defined as completion of teaching assignment and preparation for the following day. Such unauthorized leave may include refusals to provide service, unauthorized use of sick leave, and unauthorized use of other leave benefits.

Unauthorized leave shall constitute a breach of contract and, therefore, may result in the initiation of dismissal procedures, loss of salary or such disciplinary action as may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Education.

Beginning on the first day of unauthorized leave, no warrant shall be drawn in favor of any employee who has not faithfully performed all duties prescribed (Education Code 13527).

An employee who takes such unauthorized leave shall receive as salary only an amount that bears the same ratio to the established annual salary as the number of working days he serves bears to the required days of service.

The superintendent or the supervisor of the employee may require a physician's or other verification, such as an affidavit signed by the employee, as to an employee's claimed reason for absence in any situation in which it is believed that no valid grounds existed for the employee's claim for absence.



Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 1318

Declaration of holiday (by county superintendent)



Section 13527

"Except as otherwise provided in this code, no warrant shall be drawn in favor of any teacher, unless the officer whose duty it is to draw the warrant is satisfied that the teacher has faithfully performed all the duties prescribed."



Section 37220

School holidays



Section 37221

Declaration of holiday by governing board



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