The Board of Education establishes the following requirements for the satisfactory completion of the adult school program of study for the high school diploma and graduation. The student will:

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 180 credits. (To be applied toward the completion of this requirement, any credit taken outside the district program must be approved in advance by the adult school principal or his designee.)
  2. Successfully complete the specific requirements as indicated below:


Language Arts I-IV

40 Credits



20 Credits


Social Science

30 Credits


World History/Culture/Geography

10 Credits

U.S. History

10 Credits

U.S. Government

5 Credits


5 Credits



20 Credits

Life Science

10 Credits

Physical Science

10 Credits


Fine Arts or Foreign Language

10 Credits


Health Education/Guidance

5 Credits



55 Credits


1)      Work Experience Credit: Work of a skilled or technical nature which is completed during the current year of enrollment may be evaluated by the adult school principal for credit. (10 credits per year - maximum 40 credits while in residence.)

2)      General Education Development Test (GED): Demonstrated proficiency with a score of 45 or more on each of the five GED tests may be applied as elective credit for completion of the requirements for graduation. Each test successfully passed may earn 10 elective credits.

3)      Evaluation of Military Experience: Evaluation of formal schooling in military service schools for the granting of credits will take into consideration subject matter and length of study. Credit given will be commensurate with day school or adult school standards. Official verification of military service schooling will be the responsibility of the student.

NOTE:  In accordance with Education Code 51225.3, alternative means for students to complete the above prescribed courses of study may be developed and implemented with the approval of the Superintendent or designee.

  1. Demonstrate a proficiency in writing, mathematics and reading as measured by district proficiency tests or with a score of 40 or more on the respective GED tests.

Transcripts of high school work completed are evaluated according to current policy used by the high schools in the district. The Adult School Division will grant a Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District diploma upon completion of the requirements outlined in policy 5128.2(A).

This policy shall become effective with the graduating class of 1993-94.



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