The board recognizes that the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs adversely affects a student's ability to achieve academic success, is physically and emotionally harmful, and has serious social and legal consequences. The governing board also recognizes that it has a responsibility, as a partner in the community, to seek an effective resolution to the problem of substance abuse and is committed to keeping district schools free of alcohol and drugs.

The board desires that every effort be made to reduce the chances that our students will begin or continue the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. To provide students with all necessary opportunities, a comprehensive intervention program shall be implemented which emphasizes the following: 1) age appropriate instruction in grades K-12 that will assist students in making socially responsible decisions regarding their personal health and welfare, 2) intervention and recovering student support, and 3) enforcement/discipline practices.

To obtain the widest input and support for district policies and to facilitate cooperation among schools, parents, law enforcement, and community agencies, a local coordinating committee shall be established to make recommendations related to the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. All board policies, regulations, procedures, and school rules related to this prevention program shall be clearly communicated to students, staff, and parents.



Legal Reference:

Education Code:

Section 44049

Known or suspected alcohol or controlled substance abuse by student



Section 48900

Suspension or expulsion



Section 48900.5

Suspension, limitation of imposition



Section 48901

Smoking or use of tobacco prohibited



Section 48901.5

Prohibition of electronic signaling devices



Section 48902

Notification of law enforcement authorities; civil or criminal immunity



Section 48909

Narcotics or other hallucinogenic drugs



Section 49423

Administration of prescribed medication



Section 49480

Notice to school by parent or guardian; consultation with physician



Section 49602

Confidentiality of pupil information



Section 51202

Instruction in personal and public health and safety



Section 51203

Instruction on alcohol, narcotics, and restricted dangerous drugs



Section 51210

Areas of study



Section 51220

Areas of study, grades 7 to 12



Section 51260

Elementary and secondary school instruction in drug education by appropriately trained instructors



Section 51262

Use of anabolic steroids; legislative finding and declaration



Section 51264

SDE assistance for in-service training



Section 51265

Gang violence and drug and alcohol abuse prevention in-service


Health and Safety Code:

Section 11032

Narcotics, restricted dangerous drugs and marijuana; construction of terms used in other divisions



Section 11353.6

Juvenile Drug Trafficking and Schoolyard Act



Section 11357

Unauthorized possession in school or on school grounds



Section 11361.5

Destruction of arrest or conviction records



Section 11372.7

Drug program fund; uses



Section 11802

Joint school-community alcohol abuse primary education and prevention program



Section 11965




Section 11969.5

The School-Community Primary Prevention Program



Section 11998

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Master Plans



Section 11998.3




Section 11999

Section 11999.3  Alcohol and drug program funding; no unlawful use


Penal Code:

Section 13864

Comprehensive alcohol and drug prevention education


Vehicle Code:

Section 13202.5

Drug and alcohol related offenses by person under age of 21, but aged 13 or over; suspension, delay, or restriction of driving privileges


Drug-Free Schools and Community Act of 1986:

Public Law 99-570


Policy adopted: