The Board of Education, out of concern for the safety of persons and property, establishes regulations regarding bicycles on all school grounds. Bicycles brought on school grounds must be licensed and/or registered with the appropriate agency having jurisdiction at the owner's place of residence. Each bicycle must have a locking device which must be used consistently. Bicycles must be parked in the area designated by each school principal. Bicycle riders must adhere to all statutes, ordinances, policies, and rules relating to bicycle operation.

Bringing bicycles onto school grounds is a privilege. Riding bicycles to and from school and bringing bicycles onto school grounds is an action entered into by the students and their parents/guardians at their own risk. The district does not assume responsibility for the safety of riders or for the theft of or vandalism to bicycles.

Principals are authorized to make and to enforce additional rules regarding bicycles on their campuses. Principals are authorized to revoke bicycle privilege for violation of this policy and/or local school rules.



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