In establishing a policy on student dress and grooming, the board has no desire nor intent to impose arbitrary standards on the constituents of the district. However, the board does intend to establish a policy which provides a positive climate for learning; a safe, controlled environment; and a feeling of comfort and acceptance for all students. This policy draws heavily upon the information provided by other community agencies, upon identified cultural mores, and upon defined sociological trends. As in all matters regarding the governance of the schools, the board solicits the support of parents for the policy and urges parents to insure conformance on the part of their children.

Students shall wear appropriate clothing, footwear, and accessories and shall groom themselves for school in a manner which supports standards of safety, which does not offend common standards of decency, which does not reflect negatively on or detract from any phase of the educational program, and which does not indicate a relationship to unauthorized student groups. Certain special curricular and co-curricular programs may require additional standards to insure personal safety. These guidelines apply during the school day and at school sponsored activities on and off campus conducted outside of the official school day. This policy does not preclude principals from authorizing special dress days.

Principals will publish more specific statements and guidelines developed by their staff, students and community which will conform to the intent of this policy. The standards established by this policy and any administrative regulations which may be issued are considered minimal. Parents are encouraged to set standards for their children which are more restrictive.

Students who dress or groom themselves in a manner which detracts from the educational program or who otherwise violate this policy are disruptive in their conduct. They shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with district and school discipline policies and codes.

The superintendent or designee shall insure that this policy is reviewed periodically. Information and needs from throughout the community shall be considered in such reviews.



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Board Policy

Section 6145.6 and Administrative Regulation 6145.6

Unauthorized Student Groups and Organizations



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