(School Student Organizations)


General Policy

The activities and financial affairs of student body organizations in the school district shall be in strict accordance with the Education Code and the policies, rules and regulations of the Board of Education as set forth herein.

Qualifications for Membership in Student Organizations

The public school is a democratic institution which requires that membership in clubs and other organizations of the school must be based on objective criteria. These criteria must permit all students to compete for membership without prejudice as to race, creed or subjective judgment of their peers.

Any combination of the following may be used as the basis for selecting students for membership:



Grade level

Subject field

Special proficiency evaluated by certificated personnel

on basis of predetermined standards.

Under no circumstances is the membership in a school club to be determined by the subjective judgment of the students constituting the club.

Basic Purposes

The basic purposes for raising and expending money by the student bodies or student organizations shall be to promote the general welfare, morale and educational experience of the student body.


The Board of Education shall give approval for the establishment of all general student body organizations. The general student body organizations shall not engage in any financial activities until its constitution and by-laws have been approved by the Board of Education acting upon the recommendation of the district superintendent. The principal and the student council may give approval for student groups to form organizations and develop constitutions and by-laws under the general student body organization. A student group shall not engage in any financial activities until its constitution and by-laws have been approved by the principal and student council.

Elementary student body organizations may be established for the purpose of learning the principles of self-government; however, principals shall not allow student body money-raising activities to occur at this level.

The principal shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all student organization financial activities. The superintendent or designee shall periodically review the organizations' general financial structures and accounting procedures.

General Management

Student body financial affairs shall be conducted in accordance with sound business principles and practices, including establishing budgets and exercising budgetary controls; observing proper purchasing procedures; and obtaining council approvals prior to expenditures being made, revenues being raised, or contracts being executed.

Rules and Regulations

The district superintendent shall develop rules and regulations for the conduct and operation of student organizations that conform with the policies set forth herein.

Money Raising Projects

In general, student body money raising projects shall be limited to campus activities or shall occur in connection with regularly scheduled school events. No individual or groups outside the ASB shall initiate any project or activity involving the handling of money without first obtaining the permission of the principal.

Coordination among schools and municipal jurisdictions shall be insured by the principal before approving off-campus activities.

  1. Schools and student organizations may engage in fund-raising activities for school-sponsored activities provided that the prior approval of the student council and the principal and/or designee is obtained.
  2. If schools or students are soliciting funds on behalf of the school or student body for an organization, that organization must be a non-partisan, charitable organization for charitable purposes by an act of Congress or under the laws of the state, the purpose of the solicitation is non-partisan and charitable, and the solicitation has been approved by the county board of education or by the governing board of the school district in which the school is located.


With council approval, associated student body (ASB) funds may be held or invested in accordance with the Education Code (E.C. 48933, 48936). This would include being deposited in U.S. savings bonds or notes, in a federally-insured bank or savings and loan, or in a state or federally-insured credit union. ASB funds can also be loaned to other district student organizations or invested in property improvements with certain understandings (E.C. 48936).


Student body funds shall be disbursed according to procedures established by the student organization in accordance with all legal requirements and board policies and regulations. This would include expenditure approval prior to the disbursement of funds by the student council and principal or designee. Any financial commitment such as contracts and purchase orders must also be approved prior to the execution of the contract or the disbursement of funds.

Accurate minutes of council meetings shall be kept, documenting council actions to approve revenue-raising activities and disbursement of funds. The principal, or designee, is responsible for keeping accurate records of the ASB's financial activities.

Prohibited expenditures include: repairs and maintenance of district-owned equipment; salaries or supplies which are the district's responsibility; articles for personal use of district employees; gifts, loans, credit, except as allowed by Education Code; the purchase of equipment, supplies, forms and postage for curricular or classroom use or for district business. It is the principal's responsibility to review expenses of staff members for appropriateness which are to be paid by ASB funds.


Student organizations may accumulate reasonable money reserves. It is the responsibility of the principal to see that the reserve amount held by a student body complies with a limit approved by the superintendent or the assistant superintendent, administrative services. In general, student body monies shall be expended for the benefit of those students who are currently enrolled in the school and who have contributed to the accumulation thereof.

Upon specific authorization of the Board of Education, acting upon recommendation of the district superintendent, a special reserve may be established to accumulate funds in order to make a major expenditure.

Fixed Assets

A fixed asset shall not be acquired by a student organization in excess of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) without prior approval by the principal. Fixed assets may be donated to the school district upon recommendation of the student council and approval of the principal.


The financial records of student organizations shall be audited as a part of the annual school district audit that is performed in accordance with state law. The cost of the audit will be paid from the district general fund. Additional audit services may be charged to the ASB. Unannounced spot check audits will be performed periodically by the district accountant.



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