The Board of Education recognizes the importance of providing a health services program which will provide optimum mandated services.

The mission of the health instruction program is to enable students to become health-educated individuals. As informed individuals take the responsibility for incorporating scientific knowledge into their daily health practices, they may assume a responsible role in society, promoting community health, and practicing conservation of human resources.

The health services program shall include:

  1. Instruction related to the state framework of health education
  2. Daily observation of pupil's health
  3. Maintenance of health record on every pupil
  4. State-mandated health services

It shall not be the function of the health services personnel to practice medicine or dentistry or to replace the family physician. An important purpose of these services, however, shall be to inform the family of health problems which may require remedial attention.



Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 49400

Health and Physical Development of Pupils



Section 49403

Cooperation and Control of Communicable Disease and Immunization of Pupils



Section 49405

Smallpox Control (under direction of Board of Health)



Section 49450

Physical Examinations (of pupils)



Section 4945l




Policy adopted: