Facilities and Planning





The Board of Education of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District shall maintain a master plan which forecasts the future growth, development, and operation of the district's education program, including sites and facilities.

The master plan shall consider foreseeable variations in: (1) Scope and sequence of the total educational program, (2) Variance in school and calendar schedules, and (3) Increasing, stable, and declining enrollment factors. The plan shall provide a basis for administrative recommendations and board decisions and shall be annually revised. Review and updating shall be accomplished in accordance with administrative procedure and will be completed for presentation to the board.

The master plan shall address the following:

Division I - Educational Program

1.      History and educational transition

2.      Community of the school district

3.      Educational goals and policies

4.      Educational system

Division II - Educational Facilities

1.      Evaluation procedures

2.      Summary of facility utilization and evaluation

3.      Individual facility utilization

4.      Individual facility evaluation

Division III - Demographics

1.      Demographics including enrollment forecasts

2.      Statistical Data

Division IV - Implementation and Capital Requirement Plan

1.      Rationale for data sources and data analysis system used

2.      Existing plan of schools

3.      Needs for additional facilities

4.      Financial implementation plan

5.      Mitigation program and recommendation actions



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