Facilities and Planning





The goals of the facility expansion program of the district shall be:

  1. To house safely and adequately house the district's student population, the necessary instructional support and auxiliary programs, of the district and their support and auxiliary services
  2. To provide facilities when needed within the limitations of the State School Building Program and other financial resources and constraints of the district
  3. To achieve the optimum use of financial resources through flexibility of design, use of modular relocatable structures for a minimum of 33% of classroom space to adapt to changing population patterns within the district, and through consideration of long-term maintenance costs, insurance ratings, and energy requirements
  4. To locate facilities where needed through anticipation of program requirements and population trends
  5. To avoid over building through anticipation of population trends. To consider the use and flexibility of existing space when determining the need of additional facilities



Legal Reference:

Education Code

Section 35275

New school planning and design (re: cooperative relations with local government recreation and park authorities)



Section 39170

General power of district governing board



Section 39172

Establishment of additional schools



Policy adopted: