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The practice for naming schools shall be as follows:

  1. High schools shall be named to acknowledge the school district's Spanish heritage.
  2. Middle schools, or schools designated as K-8, shall be named after early pioneers or significant historical locations in the school district.
  3. Elementary schools shall be named after the streets on which the schools are located.
  4. Schools shall be named not later than the first board meeting following signing of the construction contract.
  5. Alternative schools may be named to reflect the school district's founding fathers' heritage; for individuals (deceased) who have made outstanding contributions to the community, state, or nation; or significant geographic areas within the boundaries of the school district.

Under unique circumstances, recommendations varying from the above guidelines may be submitted to the board for consideration. While the Board of Education encourages community participation in the process of selecting school names, it reserves the right to make the final name selection and to determine the procedure for selecting the school names.


Upon request, the board may consider naming buildings, parts of buildings, or athletic fields in honor of the contributions of students, staff members, or community members who have been deceased for at least two years.



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