Facilities and Planning





The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is organized as a K-12 unified school district including elementary schools (Grades K-6), middle schools (Grades 7-8), and high schools (Grades 9-12). The district may also use alternative grade configurations such as K-5 and 6-8 grade combinations on the same or separate campuses, or others as deemed appropriate or necessary by the board based upon housing, population, geography, and other relevant concerns. A continuation high school is maintained to complement the comprehensive high schools of the district as well as specialized programs with boundaries covering the entire district, such as, Parkview School and La Entrada High School.

School Attendance Boundaries

Attendance boundaries are established by the Board of Education. The board is committed to long-range planning regarding school attendance boundaries and to minimizing the frequency of school attendance boundary changes. A variety of conditions such as the opening and closure of schools, increased and/or decreased population in attendance areas, new instructional programs, and student housing needs due to natural disaster or other emergency may also be taken into account.

The primary considerations that govern the establishment and/or modification of school attendance boundaries will adhere to applicable district, state, and federal regulations and shall be:

  1. The educational opportunity afforded to students as identified in the board goals.
  2. The efficient and educationally effective use of the facilities of each school.
  3. The geographic location of each school in its relationship to the surrounding student population.  Where possible, every effort will be made to establish contiguous boundaries and desirable school sizes.
  4. Student safety and transportation. Where possible, major traffic thoroughfares and natural barriers will be used as boundaries.
  5. Compatibility with the District's facilities forecasting plans.
  6. Maintenance of neighborhood elementary schools. Where feasible, high school and middle school attendance boundaries shall incorporate entire elementary school attendance areas.
  7. Racial  or ethnic composition of an attendance area in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  8. Student housing needs due to natural disaster or other emergency.  (Such a need would supersede all other attendance boundary considerations.)

Where changes are required, every effort shall be made to lessen educational and social disruptions. Changes in boundaries shall take effect only in September unless otherwise determined by the board.

Any student affected by an attendance boundary change in a given year, to the extent possible, may be provided the opportunity to be “grandfathered.”   Grandfathered students would not have the availability of home-to-school transportation to the formerly assigned school.



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