The Board of Education recognizes that special circumstances may occur when it is appropriate for a high school student to pursue learning on an individually arranged basis within the school of attendance. This may occur when a district approved course of study currently is not being offered or when scheduling conflicts prohibit the student's enrollment in the course of study.

Contracted study refers to a formal, written agreement to complete a supervised, self-study program arranged with the student, parent/guardian, supervising certificated staff member, and the counselor and/or appropriate administrator. Contracted study shall meet all elements of the approved course of study. Credit and grades must reflect the standards of achievement which would be expected in regular classroom instruction.

Participation in any contracted study agreement is strictly voluntary on the part of the supervising certificated employee. Implementation of this policy will not result in additional costs or liabilities to the district.



Legal Reference:

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Education Code

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Independent Study authorized; curriculum; restriction



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Services and Resources



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