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Board Policies

Bylaws of the Board

9000 BPBoard and Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities
9001 BPBoard Legal Status
9002 BPSchool District Legal Status
9010 BPBoard Authority
9011.1 BPPublic Statements
9011 BPDisclosure Of Conf/Privileged Information
9012 BPBoard Member Electronic Communications
9020 BPBoard Powers And Duties
9021 BPGovernance Standards
9100 BPAnnual Organizational Meeting
9110 BPNumber Of Board Members/Term Of Office
9111 BPMethod Of Election Of Board Members
9112 BPFilling Vacancies
9114 BPResignation Of Board Members
9120 BPOfficers
9121 BPPresident Of The Board
9122 BPVice President of the Board
9123 BPSecretary To The Board
9124 BPClerk Of The Board
9126 BPSchool Attorney
9131 BPCommittee Of The Whole
9150 BPStudent Board Member
9200 BPQualifications/Duties Of Board Members
9210 BPNew Member Orientation
9220 BPProfessional Growth For Board Members
9230 BPCompensation Of Board Members
9240BB BPBoard Self-Evaluation
9250.1BB BPConflict of Interest Code for PYLUSD
9250 BPBoard Member Conflict Of Interest
9251 BPEthics For School Board Members
9252 BPPolitical Activities Of Board Members
9310 BPBoard Policies, Regulations, and Bylaws
9321bb BPMeetings and Notices
9322.1 BPPublic Participation At Board Meetings
9322.21 BPPublic Hearing for Large Delegations
9322.2 BPPublic Comment
9322.31 BPClosed Session Actions and Reports
9322.3 BPClosed Session Purposes and Agendas
9323bb BPAgenda/Meeting Materials
9325.3bb BPActions by the Board
9325 BPMeeting Conduct
9326 BPMinutes Of Board Meetings
9330 BPSchool Board Records
9340 BPMemberships
9350 BPCorrespondence
9420 BPBoard and Superintendents Reports
9430 BPStaff Reports To Board